Whether the water pump of the car needs to be replaced depends on what the old driver said!

Automobile water pump is the tension of automobile. The water pump is connected to pump the coolant to the motor of the car to prevent the motor from overheating. Leakage or bearing obstruction may cause tension and damage to the actuator. If there is coolant leakage under the car, or the temperature reading is too high, the water pump of the car should be replaced.

Without the water in the water channel of the water pump, the water in the water tank can not be recycled for heat dissipation. If the water pump is damaged, it will cause the turbine to be unable to dissipate heat, and the temperature of the turbine will continue to rise, and the turbine will eventually burn down due to the high temperature. So the water pump should be replaced in real time if it is damaged.

Whether the water temperature light is on or not is very important for the car owners. Some of the car owners drive too many cars, but they don't know who the water temperature light is, and some of the car owners have never paid much attention to the guide light on the instrument. If the water temperature light is on and you don't find it, the result is not better than imagination. So pay more attention to whether the guiding light on the instrument lights up during driving.

After all, the replacement of the water pump is not the same as the other parts. The water pump does not have the necessary mileage as the timing belt, spark plug, filter element, oil and other common maintenance parts. The water pump is damaged and will be replaced later. We do not have the facilities to check the service life of the water pump. Some vehicles and water pumps have used hundreds of thousands of kilometers and are OK, and some have broken after tens of thousands of kilometers. This is really impossible to check.

It is very important to use high-quality coolant, which will make the sealing system of the water pump superior smooth, and the wear of the low drop water seal will extend the service life. Another is to pay attention to the amount of coolant. If the lack of coolant causes the high temperature water pump of the engine to be easily damaged, so friends or to search frequently can discover questions in real time.

The water pump impeller of the vehicle model is used to promote the circulation of the coolant. It is rarely damaged under normal circumstances, but it does not eliminate that some cars have entered the highly corrosive coolant or water, which causes the impeller to be eroded and broken, and the eroded impeller impurities will become turbid with clear coolant. So once you discover the color of the coolant is turbid, you should pay attention to go back to the store to check whether it is caused by the impeller erosion.

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