Common problems of automobile water pump
Time:2020.04.03 Source: Taizhou REET Machinery Co.; Ltd

Idle speed problem: Because the pump is connected to the belt to extract cold water from the water tank, if the pump's rotational resistance is affected, it will directly affect the engine speed and the vehicle speed will be unstable. The situation is mainly manifested by the unstable speed of the car after the start of the car. If the resistance is very large, the flameout may occur. This kind of situation occurs mostly in winter

Water pump leakage: The most frequent failure of most automotive water pumps is leakage. The main reason for the leakage is that the seal is not in place, so that the cooling liquid penetrates into the bearing of the water pump The lubricant on the bearing is washed away, causing damage to the bearing. Such a leak is an internal leak. External leakage is also the main cause of damage to the pump, including long-term use of engine seals and gaskets, aging, internal leakage of heaters, and leakage of oil coolers.

Noise phenomenon: There is a noticeable noise phenomenon in the automobile water pump, then the interior of the water pump is beginning to be damaged. The main reason for the noise phenomenon is that the bearing starts to be damaged or the impeller starts to loosen when it rotates, gradually separating from the shaft, resulting in noise phenomenon

Pump impeller damage: Mainly caused by improper installation. If the pump is not installed according to the specified method or not installed in place, it will cause the bearing to start up. Without a corresponding effect, the impeller is relatively vulnerable to damage. Another reason is that the impeller is corroded by antifreeze in the water pump, but with the gradual improvement of modern antifreeze production technology, such a situation is not uncommon,

Water pump cracks: There are many cracks in the pump and bearing support, which are mainly caused by excessive vibration and excessive vibration amplitude. For example, if there are parts in the pump that are bent, vibration will occur. If the vibration is too intense and frequent, it will cause a large number of cracks in the pump and bearing support. In addition, excessive engine load is also likely to cause damage to the water pump.

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